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Burson Audio Cable + Pro Cable Review

I’ve never been a big user of special audio cables. Whilst common sense suggests that a good solid connection with minimal electrical loss would always make sense I’ve generally always been happy with any connection which basically works and doesn’t distort.

Some time back I got the opportunity to try the Burson Audio Cable + on my Chromecast Audio/Sony micro system. Whilst my audio system is not particularly anything special or ‘audiophile’ in any real way, the improvements the cable made to the sound quality was nothing short of astonishing. Highs were clearly better, the signal was generally more solid and the additional boost in volume from a conventional cable was definitely most welcome.

The reason why these cables work so well is that active module which is actually powered from a standard Micro USB power supply. This isn’t just ‘snake oil’ - the signal is basically boosted and ‘ironed out’ in order to extract as much musical information from the source as possible.  The cable comes with its own USB power supply so you don’t have to ‘borrow’ the adaptor from you phone or tablet - all you need is a spare power outlet. Whilst it’s possible to use pretty much any powered USB port to power the device, I can’t help thinking that ideally you should use the dedicated PSU in order to get the best possible sound quality out of it.

The cable combination I used has a standard small stereo jackplug one end and two phono plugs the other end and can be used, for example, to connect a portable stereo to an amplifier.

The first thing to notice is that the portable device can play a lot louder than it did when using a standard interconnect. It’s not just an increase in volume - there’s also a significant increase in overall clarity as well. Bass offers increased presence without being overly boosted and the top end is sweet - offering enhanced detail without adding any harshness to the sound. The easiest way of describing the improvement in sound quality is that it’s like upgrading a major component in your system - the difference isn’t subtle - it’s nothing short of ‘audio magic’.

Burson cables are made of the finest materials and this shows. This is no flimsy bit of wire - everything about it screams quality - you get the impression that these cables are most definitely built to last. Unfortunately these cables are not cheap. For many people I suspect they would be far more tempted to upgrade a component when it comes to spending this sort of money - all I can really say to that is that you really have to try the cable out and keep an open mind - I’m pretty confident you won’t be disappointed. Burson Audio offer a no quibble 30-day money back policy and also offer a 5-year warranty as long as you register your product.

In conclusion I have to say that this cable is nothing short of remarkable. Whilst for many people the thought of spending this kind of money on a cable is somewhat strange, the improvements it offers really does justify the cost in my opinion.