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Audio Technica ATH M50x

​​I have been an avid headphone user for some time now. I normally use in ear monitors or earbuds when walking around for both convenience and the additional volume they tend of offer out of portable players. However I wanted to get a decent pair of full-sized headphones for extended listening sessions at home and after doing some research I decided to get the Audio Technica’s - and boy I’m glad I did.

Constructed primarily of plastic, they appear to be very well made and give the impression that they can take some punishment - after all they are sold as a ‘professional’ model and professionals are notorious for abusing their equipment.

The headphones come supplied with three cables. A short cable ending in a ‘walkman’ style plug and a 3m straight and 3m coiled which ends in a conventional ¼ inch jackplug. All are of very high quality and offer a high degree of flexibility. This is a nice touch and is definitely appreciated.

Out of the box, the headphones are on-ear rather than over-ear for most users. There is a fair amount of pressure from the headphones (definitely not enough for you to be able to round headbanding though) and they isolate both externally and internally surprisingly well. I have experimented with replacing the pads with a slightly larger and thicker pair which have transformed the headphones from on-ear to around-ear and they tend to disappear quite nicely when these are fitted. There is a subtle change in the sound character but all in all I quite like it.

The sound quality of these headphones is rather special - especially when you take into account the price you can get these for now. The sound is nice and open (for a closed headphone)