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Acer Chromebook  14 Review

Laptops have been around for ages. They started life as heavy devices with serious limitations in both battery life and overall capability. Most of these laptops ran various versions of Microsoft Windows. For many people, myself included, feel that Windows is not an ideal operating system for portable devices. It takes ages to load up, ages to load applications and is the most vulnerable of all the operating systems when it comes to virus and malware attacks.In these days of powerful mobile phones and tablets, everything now needs to be ‘instant on’ and ‘instant access’ to everything. The Chromebook offers just that.

I’ve been an enthusiastic personal digital assistant user for many years now and have had a number of machines to play with during that time including:

Psion Series 3 and 3a
Palmpilot Pro
Sony Clie 90
Hewlett Packard 720
Hewlett Packard 680
Hewlett Packard LX200

Wow - this is perhaps the first time I’ve listed them like that - I didn’t realise I had so many (and I strongly suspect I have missed a few off because I’ve forgotten about them).